About Us

Founded in 2005, the incorporation of Vonza Sdn Bhd is another successful business venture within the Décor Point Design Sdn Bhd group, with the vision of offering innovative and quality home furniture. Within a few years, Vonza has successfully become the leading home furniture retail store, offering quality and innovative products, revolutionizing the furniture fashion industry by pioneering in furniture trends, adopting a fresh approach to cater to our consumers.

To date, Vonza’s stores have expanded to six locations in Klang Valley as well as East Malaysia, reaching out to more people with distinct tastes for their beloved home. Besides, we are highly active in the Events & Exhibitions segment, participating in various events yearly nationwide, reaching further out to consumers, offering them superior furniture range without having to travel far.

Being a key dealer for several prominent brands in the furniture industry, having wwweloped sound relationship with them we are able to offer better and wider range of products. In addition, Vonza boasts a sofa manufacturing factory in our group of affiliated companies, enabling us to offer exclusive and trail-blazing sofa designs, as well as custom built furniture to suit our clients’ needs.

Our team of expert in every department of the company ensures high level of satisfaction among customers, from offering professional sales consultation and advice to production and procurement, from stringent quality control process to smooth delivery schedule, all of which are well monitored to live up to our clients’ expectations.